Handover ceremony, Rosneft’s donation of laboratory equipment to support HUMG student research

A Message From Rector

Founded as the first university to provide training on mining and geological sciences in Viet Nam in 1966, Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG) has been constantly developing and become a full-spectrum training and scientific research center in Vietnam. Its academic training and scientific research have expanded to numerous fields such as geology and geotechnique, surveying and mapping, petroleum engineering, mining, electronic and mechanical engineering, economic and business administration, informatics, civil engineering with special focus on underground construction, and environmental science and engineering. The university now offers both undergraduate and postgraduate trainings with 20 undergraduate, 19 MSc and 13 PhD training programs. After more than 50 years of development, the HUMG has produced more than 80,000 engineers, BScs, MScs anda PhDs. The university’s alumni have played major role in the society, from technical specialists, researchers, educators, entrepreneurs to senior government managers. HUMG has evolved to a well-known address for high-quality academic training and research not only within Viet Nam but also a destination for students from other countries such as Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia and many other countries. Hundreds of international students have been trained at different levels and training programs at HUMG. The university welcomes many guest lecturers and specialists from various universities around the world to provide high-quality training and research activities.

During its development, international collaboration in capacity building and scientific research has always been a priority of the university. To date, the HUMG has established cooperative relationship with nearly 100 universities and academic agencies around the world. As a result of such cooperation, many academic staff of HUMG have joined different advanced training programs at many international institutions worldwide. Many of HUMG senior lecturers and professors were graduated from advanced postgraduate training in Austria, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Russia, the UK, the US, etc. In addition, many international professors and researchers have visited HUMG and conducted join researches and academic exchanges. The international cooperation has also enabled HUMG to become a part of international training network. Nowadays, HUMG is entering a new era of its development with a mission of providing high qualified labour force, improving research and technological transfer in mining and earth sciences, as well as other related fields to satisfy the demand of the society and international integration. To implement this mission, besides the utilizing of its internal resources, supports from the government as well as strong cooperation with domestic and international partners are vital to HUMG. The university is consistently working hard to maintain its recognized academic standing and a reliable partner to society, universities and organizations all around the world as an internationally prestige, research-oriented, and multiple-disciplines technical training centre in Vietnam.

Tran Thanh Hai

Rector (President), Professor




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