EAGE Student Lecture Tour 2015-2016 at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

On 10th September 2015, a lecture on "Modern Marine Seismic for the Oil & Gas Industry", instructed by Mr. Mazin Farouki - an EAGE member, was held at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology.

This lecture is an annual activity of EAGE Asia Pacific (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers), rotate around a couple of universities around the region and HUMG is selected as one of the universities in Southeast Asia that EAGE would like to visit.


Student Lecture Tour is always received with great enthusiasm amongst university students and is an excellent opportunity for geoscience students to get acquainted with the latest developments in geosciences. Student Lecture Tour is sponsored by EAGE and hence registrations are free of charge for all who would like to attend.

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Student Lecture Tour 2015-2016 was presented by Mr. Mazin Farouki, a Geophysical Advisor for PGS (Petroleum Geo-Services), who holds 40 years of industry experience with seismic contractors, mostly on overseas assignments. His current position is Geophysical Advisor for Asia Pacific, for Marine Acquisition and Data  Processing, based in Singapore. Mr. Mazin Farouki is also a member of EAGE and SEG (Society of Exploration Geophysicists).

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The 3 hours of lecture was opened to all geosciences students from different disciplines and different levels. 151 students from Geology Faculty and Oil and Gas Faculty have participated in this course.


The lecture aims to provide participants with an understanding of the fundamental concepts of marine seismic surveying and the leading technologies utilized to meet the challenges in today’s search for oil and gas.


The following topics was addressed:

-  The seismic survey as an imaging system. How do we design a seismic survey, and to what extent should we pursue the ‘ideal’ case?

-  An industry driven by efficiency – how we strive to acquire the survey as inexpensively as possible, without compromising the geophysical objectives of the survey.

-  The ‘Broadband Revolution’ which introduced a step change in the marine seismic ‘product’,and what are the benefits for the client exploration company.

-  The pursuit of ‘azimuthal diversity’ to illuminate the subsurface, so that a target reservoir may be seen in full light, not in shadow.

-  The value of the seismic survey during the life of an Exploration & Production asset: from exploration and initial discovery, to development of a field, and to optimizing recovery from a mature field.

-  The fundamentals of a modern data processing and imaging flow:

+ A holistic approach: why data acquisition, processing and imaging must be unified towards meeting the goals of the seismic survey.

+ Advances in developing an ‘earth model’ and in depth imaging.

+ Deviations from traditional approaches in imaging: how components of the seismic record traditionally regarded as noise can become useful signal.

+ The increased use of Electro-Magnetics in the industry for reservoir detection and delineation; a geophysical method that fully complements seismic, adding value in terms of exploration in a frontier area or de-risking for prospect development.




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