Scholarship for Master’s/Doctoral Degree Program in Thailand

Scholarships by Sirindhorn Technology Scholarship Fund are available for excellent students from reputable universities of any foreign country to study in a master’s or a doctoral degree program at Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology (SIIT), Thammasat University, Thailand. The scholarships are made available for the following fields of study:

 Biochemical Engineering/ Biochemistry

● Environmental Engineering/ Science/ Technology/ Management

● Chemical Engineering/ Chemistry

● Industrial Engineering 

● Civil Engineering

● Information Technology 

● Computer Engineering/ Science

● Logistics and Supply Chain Systems Engineering 

● Electronics and Communication Engineering 

● Management Technology 

● Energy Technology/ Management

● Materials Engineering/ Science/ Technology 

● Engineering Management

● Mechanical Engineering

Number of Scholarships: 26 continuing Scholarships For prospective students in the academic semester 2/2015 (January, 2016) - Master’s degree (2-year curriculum) - Doctoral degree (3-year curriculum)

Scholarship Coverage:

1. Full tuition and educational support fees (full thesis support)

2. Living allowance of 10,000 Baht per month comprises:

     a. SIIT dormitory fee (2,000 Baht per month)*

     b. Personal living allowance of 8,000 Baht per month

3. Round trip economy travel expenses, the most direct route to and from Thailand and the recipient’s home country (actual expense, but not over 20,000 Baht)

4. Miscellaneous expenses such as visa fees, airport taxes, etc. (actual expenses, but not over 10,000 Baht)

5. Health and accident insurance during the period of scholarship in Thailand

* Scholarship recipients are required to stay at the SIIT dormitory for a period of at least 12 months. During the aforementioned period, the dormitory monthly fee of 2,000 Baht will be deducted directly from the recipient’s living allowance. 

Candidate Qualifications: 

● Not a Thai citizen, nor of Thai nationality. 

● Excellent academic record (preferably ranked within the top 20 percent of the class) 

● Meet qualifications of SIIT graduate programs admission. ( 

● Two strong recommendation letters (at least one recommendation letter must comes from academic instructor/advisor)

 Have good health and good conduct. 

● Must not be a recipient of another type of scholarship.

Conditions to Continue the Scholarship:

1. Maintain a cumulative GPA of not less than 3.25 with no “F”, “U”, or “W” grades.

2. Make good progress in his/her master thesis/doctoral dissertation and report his/her progress every semester.

3. Assist in the Institute’s work for 30 hours per semester, primarily focused on laboratory supervision or tutoring courses for at least 6 hours, and the rest will be examination proctoring duty.

Conditions after Graduation: - None -

Application Deadline: 16th October 2015

Announcement of Successful Candidates: 20th November 2015




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