Inauguration Ceremony of the Rector of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology

On 14th October 2015, the inauguration ceremony of the Rector of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG) was taken place at the conference hall of Hanoi University of Mining and Geology.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Le Hai An who has contributed to HUMG development during the past years was been assigned new rector term 2015-2020. The inauguration was attended by Dr Nguyen Vinh Hien - Vice Minister of Education and Training, Mr. Vu Tuan Dung - Party Secretary of Universities and Colleges in Hanoi, Assoc. Prof. Dr Tran Dinh Kien - Former Rector term 2010-2015, former leaders of HUMG and HUMG's staffs.

Representing for Minister of Education and Training, Dr. Nguyen Vinh Hien ceremonially handed over the Decision by Minister of Education and Training (MOET) to Assoc. Prof. Dr Le Hai An. Talking on behalf of MOET, Dr Hien congratulated Assoc. Prof. Dr Le Hai An and expressed his reliance on the success of  the new rector term. He said "I strongly believe that Assoc. Prof. Dr Le Hai An and the leader board of HUMG continue get more experiences in the management to overcome difficulties, promote a democratic working environment to create a strongly unified HUMG for sustainable development of HUMG in this term and the following years".

In his inauguration speech, Assoc. Prof. Dr Le Hai An expressed his deep gratitude to former leaders of HUMG and specifically to all HUMG's staffs who have trust to introduce him to assume this position in the coming term. Assoc. Prof. Dr Le Hai An has set target to push development of the university with action slogan "Autonomy - Innovation - High quality" and eight missions: 1. Good implementation of the State policy on the basic and comprehensive renewal of education and training; 2. Improving the quality of human resources of the university; 3. Diversification of types of training accordance with capabilities and facilities of the university; 4. Innovation in management of activities of science and technology; 5. Overall planning for long-term the infrastructure of the university; 6. Effective use of financial resources of the university; 7. Innovation of strategy of international cooperation towards integration and globalization; 8. Enhancing autonomy of mass organizations in the unviersity.

The new rector of HUMG has completed his PhD in Petroleum Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, United Kingdom in 2004. Before becoming Rector, he was Head of International Cooperation Office then Vice-Rector in charge of international cooperation and science and technology.




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